About Brandon Carter | HubSpot Consultant

Hi, I'm Brandon

My middle name is Shane, in case you're wondering about the BS in BSCarter.

I've worked in marketing for over 20 years, covering just about every aspect of the trade over that period of time - public relations, content, web development, paid media, social media, and chat. I've worked in small businesses, large enterprises, boutique consultancies, and powerhouse agencies.


I first began dabbling in HubSpot and operations around 2010, when I was a struggling in-house marketing manager tasked with doing all the things. From the first time I logged in to a marketing automation platform, it made total sense. I was able to automate hours of manual work daily.  


I loved HubSpot so much I decided to make a career out of it, first as an in-house marketing automation manager and now as a HubSpot Consultant and HubSpot Certified Trainer.


All day, every day I help businesses navigate the platform, from initial implementation to deep CRM customization and marketing attribution. My goal is for my clients to have multiple platform experts in house so they never have to rely on expensive partner agencies or consultants (yes, even consultants like me).


I'm located in Salt Lake City, Utah, with my wife and two kiddos (plus a few cats and lizards). I'm a gold medal-winning beer brewer and regular triathlete/marathoner. Follow me on Twitter for poor opinions on Oklahoma sports, or LinkedIn for more professional topics.