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20+ Years of Revenue Generation

Hi! I'm Brandon Carter, a marketing consultant with 20+ years of experience across a variety of industries and business sizes. 

(My middle name is Shane, in case you're wondering about the BS in BSCarter.)

Over the course of those 20 years I've been accountable for generating revenue in nearly every aspect of marketing: public relations, content, web development, paid media, social media, and chatbots. Across my roles in small businesses, scale-ups, large enterprises, boutique consultancies, and powerhouse agencies, I've created millions of dollars in marketing-generated revenue.

I first began dabbling in HubSpot and operations around 2010, when I was a struggling in-house marketing manager tasked with doing all the things. Since then I've become a HubSpot Certified Trainer, Solutions Provider, and co-leader of the largest HubSpot User Group in the world.

Today I'm the marketing director at Promevo and a HubSpot consultant with a limited clientele. All day, every day I help businesses navigate the platform, from initial implementation to deep CRM customization and marketing attribution.

I'm located in Salt Lake City, Utah, with my wife and two kiddos (plus a few cats and lizards). I'm a gold medal-winning beer brewer and regular triathlete/marathoner. Let's connect on LinkedIn and subscribe to my articles.




Years of Experience



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Managed HubSpot Portals

Real World Marketing

B2B Marketing can't afford to just spend money. Every campaign and every effort is expected to have a return. That means you need to know your audience and their needs, and have a marketing system geared toward connecting them with your solution.

That means your ads, your content, and even your CRM and marketing automation platform need to be optimized for maximizing revenue and retention.


Hubspot and Marketing Help

Getting your revenue-generation machine and HubSpot portal up and running don't have to be unreachable tasks. Reach out and let's talk about where you're going and see if there's a fit.