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Let's Build Your Marketing Productivity Machine

In the dynamic landscape of today's marketing environment, where teams are faced with the challenge of shrinking resources amid expanding responsibilities and demands, the importance of a project management system cannot be overstated.

The right system can make or break your success, from strategy development, asset production, reporting, quality assurance, SME and contractot enablement and more. It's literally the difference between "doing just enough" and hyper-productivity.

In over 20 years of marketing, I've seen teams flail due to lack of project management, or suffer from a poorly executed system. Whether you have a team of 20 or two, I can help you implement a streamlined, easy productivity and management system that your team will love and your stakeholders will appreciate.


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Reporting and Status Updates

When was the last time marketing was celebrated like the scene in this stock photo?! Great project and productivity systems make for great measureables and reports. I'll show you how to identify gaps and lags, plus easy ways to report out to the rest of your stakeholders.

Personal productivity Mechanisms
Personal Productivity Systems

Besides turning your team's projects into bite-sized manageable processes, I can help each individual on your team learn to operate effectively within Asana - and not in their inbox or Slack.

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Contractor and Agency Management
Modern marketing teams rely on contractors more than ever - but how do you know what they're working on? I'll show you how to blend their work into your flow so you can keep them on track with the highest priority.
Asana Reporting and Goals
Marketing Calendar Developmet

The platform you use to manage your projects can also reflect your editorial calendar, so the entire company can see what's marketing campaigns are shipping on a daily basis.

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Process Mapping and Creation

Let's evaluate your strategies and the resources available to carry them out, and create a repeatable, scalable structure in which you can effectively execute and maximize team productivity.

Asana Marketing Project Planning
Project Template Creation

A marketing tactic is never a single step. There are meetings, drafts, QA processes, approvals, adjustments, reports and revisions and so much more. And every single one of those steps can be codified in a project template we'll build together.

Productivity, Prioritization, Accountability

Few teams deal with the multifaceted complexities of marketing. Every strategy is a little different, from digital executions such as PPC campaigns to offline functions like direct mail and trade shows. Everything marketing produces has a multitude of functions, including design, copy writing, branding, coding, printing, QA, and more.

It's easy to fall behind without the right project management and accountability system.  Whether you use Asana, Trello,, Clickup, or even spreadsheets, I can help you build systems that deliver:

  • Intake requests from other teams
  • Subject matter expert management
  • Recurring operational tasks
  • Task prioritization
  • Effective delegation
  • Smart deadline setting
  • Project and portfolio organization
  • and more!
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All Custom, No Playbooks

Every business is unique and what works for one may or may not work for another. I'll help you find the right areas to focus on that drive incremental growth, as well as things marketing doesn't always think about, such as sales enablement and measurement.

Marketing Mix

Marketing Consulting Pricing

Senior marketing leaders cost well over $150k per year in salary alone. With over a decade in experience, I can help you and your team at a fraction of the cost.

  • Monthly Retainer
  • Projects

$140 Per Hour (minimum 10 hours per month)

Custom Consulting - Includes HubSpot Support, Marketing Strategy Support, Training - and whatever else you have in mind
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Extended Retainer

$5200 Per Month (minimum three month commitment)

40 hours a month of Custom Consulting - Includes HubSpot Support, Marketing Strategy Support, Training - and whatever else you have in mind
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HubSpot Onboarding

$3000 Per Hub

Waive your HubSpot Onboarding fee and get a custom build, complete with consultation, documentation, and training.

Lead and Account Scoring


A custom build to your specs, with behavior-based scoring on both contacts and companies.

Marketing Attribution Install


Get a custom first- and latest-touch attribution model that includes offline sources such as tradeshows and even sales prospecting, with carryover into deals and revenue.